Introduction to

Unified Law

90 minute Introduction

  • Date: Sunday, January 14th

  • Start time: 11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET

  • Duration: 90-minutes

  • Cost: Free

  • Where: Zoom

Meet your Hosts

Hosted by Damian Nordmann

Co-Hosted by Stacie Manzano

Special Guest Paul Madar

The law of attraction is great, but few people understand the intricacies of how it works.

The Unified Law is the upgraded version of the law of attraction that explains how anyone can master manifestation, health, wealth, satisfying relationships, and fulfilling your Life Purpose with security and ease.

Join us for an interactive workshop where you can receive a high-level overview of the Seven Principles that combine to form the Unified Law. We'll be sharing, laughing, and engaging one another for a timeless event that will include: an ongoing teaching conversation, specific spiritual practices for expanded awareness, and opportunities to engage each other in small groups.

The Seven Principles of the Unified Law

After almost 30 years of studying, practicing, and teaching the Universal Laws that I learned from many different sources, I’m excited to announce that I’ve been downloading a completely new system that incorporates all of the Universal Laws (including the famed Law of Attraction) into one simple system that is easy to understand, apply, and live.  

I call this system the Unified Law and its Seven Principles!  I am currently developing and pre-beta-testing a curriculum around the Unified Law.  Within the next couple of months I’ll be offering a 3-4 hour workshop where you can get a feel for the Seven Principles and how they fit together to form a Unified field for living your Life’s Purpose, as well as enjoying greater health, wealth, relationships, satisfaction, and fulfillment.  Stay tuned to my new website coming soon for all the deets!  (  

The Unified Law is the One Law that governs all of creation.  It is simple, natural, and easy to use, but for many people it is difficult to master.  The difficulty most people experience in putting the Unified Law to daily use comes from the confusion, busy-mindedness, and false premises that everyone has learned and absorbed from their environments.  Once you grasp the basic principles of the Unified Law, you will find it both easy and enjoyable to practice throughout every day.  

There are Seven Principles that make up the Unified Law.  They are:

1. Principle of Embodiment - Change begins with Self Awareness and how you want to transform your old identity into a new and expanded identity that is more in alignment with the Real You.  Discover why knowledge and experience are both essential for knowing your true I AM.  As you discover how to receive and embody the identity that is at your core then everything else in your life becomes easier and more fun.

2. Principle of Magnetism - Attraction is based upon what you are focused upon.  State and Content merge to create your reality each moment of each day.  Clear perspective opens your mind to see what is most important and which steps to take now.  Manifestation is easy and fun when you let go of urgency and breathe into joy of living your passions daily.

3. Principle of Trust - Intuition is your innate Inner Guidance, you’ve always had it, now you need to remember how to trust it.  Your new beliefs lead you to your ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment.  As your beliefs transform into knowing and transcend into understanding then you gain incredible security, confidence, and authority.

4. Principle of Evolution - You are growing and evolving every day on the inside, but are you keeping up with your own transformation?  The nature of both the inner and outer worlds is one of constant change, growth, and metamorphosis. By tapping into your evolutionary locus you can know when to change and how to change.  Your new and improved capacity to adapt and evolve will become second nature and open countless doors for you.

5. Principle of Relativity - One thing truly leads to another, so you don’t always have to know every step ahead of time…all lined up in front of you. You can trust that leaning in the right direction and making 1% shifts each day will lead you to quantum leaps and massive manifestations.

6. Principle of Opulence - The Earth is infinitely abundant. What we see as scarce resources is more of a function of our own limitations than what is actually available. You can Be, Do, and Have anything you desire. You can have all the money, time, love, freedom, joy, and material possessions that you desire. Aligning with the Principle of Opulence guarantees abundance.

7. Principle of Duality - Our world is one of contrast.  This contrast is a good thing, for it allows an infinite variety of experiences to exist.  Many people unconsciously choose to experience contrast as resistance, pain, problems, and suffering. You can transcend these undesired experiences through understanding Duality as well as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. It’s time to stop making everything so hard! Ease and flow along with a pleasant sense of inspired drive will become your new modus operandi.

There are many ways to understand the Unified Law. As you receive the essence within each of the Seven Principles and give yourself new experiences then you will gain first hand awareness of how each of these principles works and how they merge together to form the structure and function of the Unified Law. 

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