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"Damian has an ingenuity in his thought process that has aided me with some of my toughest decisions concerning relationships and my career. His positive outlook on life has given me inspiration to continue to succeed in areas that are important to me."

Michael Dardanes
Fort Worth, Texas Co-Owner of Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts

"Damian is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! He’s a teacher who will push you, love you, and have fun with you. He has a unique gift of being able to stimulate massive creativity to emerge from an individual."

Emily Ashley
Rebirthing Instructor, Dallas, TX

Meet Your Coach

Damian Nordmann, D.D. D.M.

Damian Nordmann loves helping make people's lives easier! He has spent two decades teaching, inspiring, and educating those who desire a better life. Damian has taught hundreds of people to discover their purpose and fulfill their fondest dreams and aspirations. He has guided people to double and triple their income, create harmonious relationships, and increase their health and well being.



"Manifest Your Heart's Desire"

Business Accelerator for Dharmapreneurs
Mon-Fri February 8-12 8PM EST

Discover the Inner Secrets to taking your business to the next level whether you make 6 figures or are just starting out!


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