Welcome to the Wealth Mastery Mentorship Reprogram for Infinite Success

This is the coaching program that will help you to blow past your business and financial ceiling, regardless of the strategy you are using!


The Wealth Mastery Mentorship is for business owners who have tolerated mediocrity in wealth and lifestyle and are ready to become Invincible Entrepreneurs and Masters of Wealth!

This program is for you if you want to stop working so hard and instead find the joy, ease, and speed that comes from Resetting your Wealth Frequency and Reprogramming your subconscious for absolute abundance.





You haven’t been able to achieve laser clarity and massive abundance because, like most of us, YOU WERE NOT TAUGHT HOW!





"Damian taught me clear old blocks about money and showed me how to program my mind for incredible abundance. I recently made $10,000 in one week when I launched my first 6 month coaching program!"

Cassie Korte
Licensed Professional Counselor and Spiritual Teacher - St. Louis, MO

The 12-month Wealth Mastery Mentorship includes:

4 One-hour group coaching calls each month

  • We meet weekly for one hour for a combination of trainings on Universal Laws, business tools, tactics, and strategies, as well as hot seat coaching for individuals.
  • You also receive an additional office hours group call throughout each month.

12 30-minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

  • This is your opportunity to drill down into your "specific needs and desires"! Whether you need some assistance building your self value or whether you need a detailed plan to get your social media game going, we will tackle it together. You will come out of each of these sessions refreshed and clear on your next steps.

Wealth Mastery Mentorship Facebook Group

  • This group will give you the opportunity to ask questions on an ongoing basis. You can also test out new ideas in the group and ask for additional resources that will speed up what you are creating. Let's make this as easy as possible!
  • I will also be posting some of my best inner secrets, insights, and tips in this group!

Weekly Limited Voxer Support

  • Voxer is an App that makes sending voice memos extremely easy! You can also send text messages with it. My clients have found it helpful to record a quick question to send to me and I can easily answer when i am available.
  • The voice memos provide fantastic support that's easier than writing out a text or email. It helps with keeping your FLOW going and staying accountable.
  • Eventually this will only be available to my 1:1 clients, so take advantage of this now!

The Wealth Mastery Mentorship for Dharmapreneurs

The exclusive 12-month program designed to get you to the place you want to be with your business!

12 Monthly Payments


Easy Automatic Debits



Paid in Full


One-Time Charge



About Your Coach

Damian Nordmann has dedicated his entire life to uplighting humanity and aiding others to achieve their most fulfilling lives. He served at the School of Metaphysics for two decades as a teacher, director, field director, and president, where he also earned his Doctorate of Metaphysics.

Damian's passion for dharma, business, and the creation of wealth makes him uniquely suited to help you reach your business goals, spiritual transformation, and financial sustainability.


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