"Damian Nordmann is passionate about aiding others to greatness! He is generous with his life understandings. If you let him, he will dedicate himself wholeheartedly to your self-development."

Brynn Byrne
Owner and Creator of Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts Fort Worth, Texas

"Damian showed me what it means to be organized. I went from organizing in a system I believed was efficient to knowing exactly how much money was coming in and out of my wallet and bank account every month. This aided me to be real with what I could spend and helped me to set monthly and yearly goals. As a result I became happy and successful in a way I had not prior."

Michael Dardanes
Co-Owner of Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts Fort Worth, Texas

"My self value increased so much from attending Damian’s Self-Worth class, I was able to double my income!"

Golbahar Dadyan
Stryker Communications Integration Support Coordinator Dallas, Texas

"Dr. Damian Nordmann taught me how to concentrate, how to meditate, and how to fulfill my desires – all skills I still use daily in my personal life and professional career as a realtor. I felt Damian cared for me and all his students as he taught and coached us into deeper understandings. Dr. Nordmann knows how to manifest hopes and dreams into tangible reality."

Jesse Kern
Realtor Keller Williams Des Moines, Iowa

"Damian always expected the best for me and from me which taught me to think big and to set my sights high. Through working with Damian, I learned to create an abundance of time and money that I never thought imaginable, and my capacity for unconditional love and friendship soared. I’m grateful for my time with him and the impact he has made on who I have become."

Leah Morris
Customer Experience Manager Sungevity Solar Kansas City, Kansas

"Countless times, Damian has challenged me to reach forward with my goals. His support and expertise has allowed me to look back in amazement at where I used to be…compared to where I am now!"

Matt Valois
Music Therapist Springfield, Missouri

"Dr. Damian is the most enthusiastic coach that I know! He has devoted his life to teaching and coaching others to be their best. He goes beyond the surface of challenges and helps individuals get to the root cause in all areas of life. He teaches in ways that inspire the individual from within. He truly loves people and has a seemingly infinite supply of wisdom to offer. I am grateful for his presence in my life and all that he has taught me."

Scott Hilburn
Pranayama Productions Cinematographer / Film Maker Dallas, Texas

"I worked on several Dream Interpretation projects with Damian. He has a strong capacity for visionary thinking which expanded my mind far beyond where I had ever been before. His vision would often bring me to tears of gratitude and amazement for being a part of something so meaningful during those projects. I owe a debt gratitude to Damian, for he has aided me in one of the most epic journeys I have embarked upon thus far, which has been in shaping my character and becoming the best version of myself."

Emily Ashley
Rebirthing Practitioner and Yoga Teacher Dallas, Texas

"I had the privilege of studying with Damian for six years in an intensive self-development program. Of the many things I received from him as my mentor was one piece of advice has served me the most: everything I could ever need is already inside me. This realization catalyzed incredible changes in my life that moved me from an unsatisfied, victimized mentality into a creative, empowered mindset. For years he helped to hone this realization with me, pushing me when I needed it most and holding space for me to transform along the way. I’ve since utilized his guidance to create not only new levels of fulfillment and contentment in my life, but also to break into ground-floor opportunities in the mindfulness arena that are actively engaging the DFW metroplex. Suffice it to say that Damian’s role in my life as mentor, as inspiration, and as friend, will continue to positively impact me and those I touch for years to come."

Brenton Harris
Brenton Harris Mindfulness Manager, Mastermind Dallas, Texas

is perfect for anyone who wants to update, upgrade, or improve his or her life. Whether you want greater wealth, better relationships, more time, increased health, or greater fulfillment, this type of coaching is for you.

is for the entrepreneurial minded person who wants a creative edge for massive success! If you want to master the art and science of “True Work is Play”, then this type of coaching is for you.

is for you if you want to draw upon the collective genius of other successful people. Often one good idea can change everything in your business, finances, or personal life.

Focusing on one specific area can give you tremendous power. This is especially true when the focus is on a skill or practice that raises your performance and allows relaxed flow across the board.


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