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Dharmapreneurs wanted.

Unlock your unique potential and purpose with the help of Damian Nordmann's Master Class.

Damian Blair Nordmann

is a master speaker, coach, and teacher. 

Damian loves people and has taught hundreds of individuals to discover their unique purpose in life. 

Damian loves helping others unlock the unique potential within them. He coaches with humor and joy.

“True work is play!”

Purpose, Passion, and Power - Discovering Your Dharma

This Master Class is sure to transform your life in ways that you have not even imagined yet. Below is a snapshot/summary of what this course looks like.

What the Master Class will include:

Your very own Dharma Reading:  This is a specialized intuitive reading offered by my friends at Akashic Resources.  You will have a session with them over Skype where they will intuitively tap into your essence and relay to you what your Dharma consists of.  These will be the primary strengths and qualities that you have built that you are called to bring forth when you are at your best.  You can also ask a few questions about how you can best use your dharma in areas such as career, money attraction, family, and so forth.  I will be sending out emails with excerpts from other people's dharma readings as well as my own.  Also look for more information on Facebook and Instagram. Value = $125.00
A One Hour Consultation to Master Your Dharma:  Once you have your Dharma Reading I'm going to go over it with you via Zoom, phone, or in person depending on where you live.  I've been using these types of readings/intuitive reports for 25 years, and I've helped hundreds of people to live healthier, happier, more fulfilling and successful lives with these readings.  I look forward to guiding you through applying knowledge of your dharma to the areas of life most important to you.  Value = $250.00

Six Week Master Class:   I am excited to offer you this course!  We will be doing a deep dive for six weeks into Purpose, then Passion, then Power.

Purpose - (2 Weeks):  You will get centered in the core of who you really ARE...your Purpose!  Who are you?  Why are you here?  What do you value the most and what makes life meaningful to you?  You will come to understand your purpose in new and profound ways.
Passion - (2 Weeks):  You will be ignited into that which inspires and sustains you!  What do you most love to do?  What get's your juices flowing?  What can you do to keep the fires of passion burning when things get tough?  You will discover more through taking the Passion Test and taking some risks that will return to you great rewards.
Power - (2 Weeks):  You will learn to BE, DO, and HAVE anything you desire!  Power is your capacity to manifest.  It requires that you become a better, higher vibrating version of yourself.  This requires some time and effort, and it can be easier than you might have believed.  You will be empowered to be rooted in both Freedom and Love every day with the knowledge from this course!
*** Bonus Week ***  I am adding a 7th week as a bonus!!!  
How to Make Money Doing What You Love!!!
(1 Week)  This class will specifically give you some tools, clarity, and confidence to determine what you want to do in your life to make wealth and abundance including increasing your money and financial situation.  Whether you want to manifest your dream job or you want to start your own business it is possible to love what you do every day and make great money while doing it!  
Value of All 7 Weeks = $897.00
The course itself will start in January of 2020.  Most likely it will be in the evening from 7:30 PM to 9 PM Easter Time and will start the week of January 13th - 16th.  There might actually be more than one night to choose from depending on how many people enroll.  Exact dates/evenings are to me determined.  We will be using the Zoom platform to gather online for this Master Class.  It will also be recorded in case you miss a class.
Total Value for the Course
Dharma Reading = $125.00
Private Consultation = $250.00
6 Week Master Class = $897.00
Total Value = $1,272.00
I really want to make this course available to anyone so enrollment depends on when you can commit to the course.
I want you all to have the best possible experience so enrolling early will allow for you to receive your Dharma Reading and have the one-on-one consultation with me before the course begins!  This will ensure that you have THE BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE with the course.

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